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European specific qualification
Design and Construction in Existing Contexts

The Project

Design and Construction in Existing Contexts

Specialists and leaders within the European construction sector are under strong competition pressure, due to long-term social changes and the globalisation of the market of planning and construction.
Approximately 60% of investment in the construction sector are in the fields of conversion, revitalisation, restoring and rehabilitation.
At the same time there is a lack of specialised know-how with graduates as well as with experienced architects and engineers, in the fields of restoring and modernisation of existing profiles of activity.
This is why the project has selected its approach: to develop broad competences in the field of activity „planning and construction within the building stock“ within Europe.

The project has been selected by the EU Action Programme for professional training „Leonardo da Vinci“, on the basis of its innovative approach.

With the course „European specific qualification Design and Construction in Existing Contexts“, foreseeing a step-by-step certification, the following target groups will be addressed:

  • Architects and engineers in architecture, interior design and architecture, urban planning as well as landscape planning
  • Construction engineers
  • Specialised engineers who participate in planning and construction, from the fields of geodesy, technology of buildings, construction physics, chemistry of construction and construction technology

The approach of continuous training consists first of transnational modules on multi-country content and secondly of country-specific modules, covering particular national aspects.

Furthermore we conceive a transnational programme of exchange of experience.
This programme will be tested and implemented together with the country-specific modules of the Project Partners in Budapest, Bratislava and Prague. The participants have the opportunity for a stay in two countries within their intended qualification.

The project will be rounded off by the setting up of an international expert pool.
The objective of this project component is the improvement of information transfer in planning and construction in Europe as well as the alleviation of taking contacts to and among the relevant experts.

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