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European specific qualification
Design and Construction in Existing Contexts

PLK Städtebau Albani Wilhelm

PLK Städtebau Albani WilhelmPLK Städtebau is an independent agency of urban planing. It has long time experiences in urban planing, project management of city planning and building lease.

PLK Städtebau offers the following services for private and public contracting bodies:

  • project management for city planing
  • location development
  • city planning / city developement

PLK Städtebau is responsible for the general conditions of city planning and urban developement in the curriculum of Design and Construction in Exsting Contexts.


PLK Städtebau GbR Albani Wihlhelm
Winsstrasse 53
15207 Berlin
t: 0049 (0)30 /39 07 14 60
f: 0049 (0)30 /39 07 14 66

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