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European specific qualification
Design and Construction in Existing Contexts

Modules of The Course

Transnational modules – Contents and dates

The first implementations of the transnational modules of the two-structure curriculum will be held in Germany.

On 28.9.2007 the exemplary implementation of the seven transnational modules will start in Stuttgart at the Institut Fortbildung Bau gGmbH (IFBau) – Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg.

The forecasted end of the training will be the 5.7.2008, with the final participation in the experience exchange programme (possible in the respective participating countries which cooperate) as well as the final thesis and the colloquium (oral exam). The test of the experience exchange programme will be held in connection with the country-specific modules.

Country-specific modules

The first implementation of the country-specific modules will be held in the different countries of the cooperating partners.
The exemplary materialisation of this qualification measure as well of the experience exchange programme are worked on at present.

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