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Design and Construction in Existing Contexts

State Capital Stuttgart - Department of City Planning and Urban Renewal

Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart-Amt für Stadtplanung und StadterneuerungStuttgart is heart of a region with alltogether 2,6 Mio. inhabitants. This area belongs to the growing regions of Germany with ongoing great demands for new developments.
The city council decided by means of the „land use plan 2010“ to ensure a development with an overall concept under the guideline picture „compact, urban, green“, that means to priorise the inner urban development and to organise a city development without consumption of greenfield areas.

In the project entiteled “Sustainable Brownfields Development Stuttgart” (project acronym: NBS) all potentials for further development in existing urban areas were systematically inventoried and new strategies were generated to enhance inner urban development. With this Stuttgart became a pioneer among german cities in this

So the city of Stuttgart is able to bring substantial experiences into the project Planning an Building in existing areas (PuBB), especially in the following subjects:

  • Development of an informationsplattform
  • Strategies and instruments for a sustainable brownfieldmanagement in minicipalities
  • Best Practices of realised projekts of inner urban development..

In the administration are experts to the different subjects (urban planning in different levels, environmental issues, management of contamination and remediation, building protection and renovation of old buildings, landscape planning etc.). They will bring in their wide knowledge into the project PuBB. In addition to this there will be excursions to several examples for planning and building in existing areas in Stuttgart.


Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart Amt für Stadtplanung und Stadterneuerung
Eberhardstrasse 10
70173 Stuttgart
t: 0049 (0) 711 216 23 33
f: 0049 (0) 711 216 77 40

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