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Design and Construction in Existing Contexts

Fraunhofer Informationszentrum Raum und Bau

Berufsfortbildungswerk des DGBFraunhofer IRB is one of 58 institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. It is the central information facility for all concerns of building planning and construction in Germany. Fraunhofer IRB provides access to technical information in the fields of civil engineering, architecture, building legislation, planning, building industry, as well as housing/urban/regional planning – comprehensively, reliably and up to date.

Its main task is the unbiased and independent transfer of professional knowledge between all groups involved in planning and building.

Focal topics are:

  • Building Pathology
  • Preservation and Maintenance of Historical Buildings
  • Contextual Planning and Building
  • Energy Consumption Optimization
  • Sustainability in Planning and Building
  • Low-cost Planning and Building
  • Transfer of Building Research Results for Practitioners.

Fraunhofer IRB cooperates with a multitude of professional organisations, scientific associations, chambers and institutions from Germany and abroad. The Board of Curators assembles representatives of these bodies. Its task is to councel the instituts‘ management, especially on strategic issues.

Competent selection and evaluation of adequate sources by Fraunhofer IRB steadily provide the expertise required, facilitated by a range of database and print products as well as services. By means of internet, CD/DVD, full text print, bibliographic reference, or research reports – each clients query will meet an answer.

The Fraunhofer IRB Databases
Fraunhofer IRB produces and distributes its own databases and hosts those of partnering institutions.
You can access these databases via

Fraunhofer IRB Verlag
(Fraunhofer IRB Publishing House)
With its multitude of publications in the fields of contextual building, building technology, renovation, building physics and research as well as urban and regional planning topics Fraunhofer IRB Publishing House is one of the renowned technical publishers in the German language realm.

In close cooperating with the IT department technical and professional information are published in a variety of media that best meets the specific information needs of practitioners and enterprises from the bulding sector: the classical form of printed book or journal in many cases is supplemented by the same content provided via databases and online downloads.

Fraunhofer IRB Publishing House contributes a considerable share in the transfer from science to practice by its publications of research results.
offers a comprehensive online catalogue covering all fields of planning and construction.

Fraunhofer IRB Information Consulting Service
The Information Consulting Service answers all individual queries concerning building planning and construction, performs investigations and analyses on commission, utilising its long standing network of information sources and cooperations.

Supplementary, there are literature reference documentations on almost 2400 issues related to building planning and construction, produced from Fraunhofer IRBs bibliographic databases – on demand, up to date.


Fraunhofer Informationszentrum raum und Bau
Nobelstrasse 12
70569 Stuttgart
t: 0049 (0) 711 970 2505
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