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Design and Construction in Existing Contexts

Institut Fortbildung Bau GmbH (IFBau)

Institut Fortbildung Bau GmbH
IFBau is a certified education institution owned by the chamber of architects Baden-Würtemberg, Germany. Since 1976 IFBau develops and offers successfully further education programs for architects and engineers in more the less all fields of design and construction. Concentrated on international aims in context with „Lifelong Learning“, IFBau wants to improve both technical and social competences of its clients.

Based on our longterm experiences IFBau develops attractive and innovative education programs, including recent trends and results from science and practice in architecture and construction. Thereby the lectures and education programs are focused on the transfer of knowledge and experience.


Institut Fortbildung Bau GmbH
Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg
Danneckerstraße 56
70182 Stuttgart
t: +49 711 / 248386-10
f: +49 711 / 248386-24

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