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Design and Construction in Existing Contexts

Coqui Malachowska-Coqui

Coqui Malachowska-Coqui
Coqui Malachowska-Coqui is an agency for urban design and landscape architecture, founded 1992 in Warsaw, since 2000 based in Berlin and Warsaw. The office is active in the fields of

  • planning and design
  • consulting
  • teaching and
  • research.

The projects are worked on by interdisciplinary teams of specialists from different fields. The composition of the teams is set up accordnig to the requirements of the project.

We apire to holistic solutions, based on the principles of sustainability.


Coqui Malachowska-Coqui
Urbanistyka architektura krajobraz Berlin / Warszawa
Ahornstraße 6
12163 Berlin
t: +49 (0)30 79747881/2
f: +49 (0)30 79747883

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