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European specific qualification
Design and Construction in Existing Contexts

Workshop of Exchange of Views in Budapest

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Thursday 19th June 2008
Location: Training/audience rooms of Budapest CCI
10:00-12:00 Welcoming the participants of Exchange of Views program in Budapest CCI
Welcoming by the Directors of Budapest CCI and Training Institution of Archtitekt Chamber of Budapest and Pest County
Technical Informations of the Program
General Informations and Experiences of realised Training in Autumn 2007 in framework of LDV-Planen und Bauen project
13:30-16:00 Anomalies of Cultural Heritages Reconstructions, Interiordesign,design - Designaspekts, Realisation, Past/Present, Architekt/Interiordesign, Idea/Formulation, Cultural value/use, original style/modernisation

István Szenes
Friday 20th June 2008
Location: Training/audience rooms of Budapest CCI
10:00-12:00 Method of Cultural protection value-analysis: Role of scientific documentation in preparation of Investments and Planning, Contain requirements of scientific documentation

Piroska Czétényi
12:00-13:30 Common Lunch/Buffet in the Chamber
13:30-16:30 Cultural Monuments of Danube (Welcoming speech by the Chiefarchitekt of City Budapest- according to plans)
Exchange of views with experts, leaders of reconstructions of both side of Danube-shipping:

Zoltán TIMA – Livinghouses in Népfürd? Str.
György Fazakas – Office buildings
Dr. Lajos Fekete – Foka-bay residential aerea
Péter Reimholz – Sun Palace residence park
József Kapitány and Sándor Pálfy – Extension of a swimming pool
Gábor Turányi – Novotel
Péter Sugár u. László Benczúr – Chain bridge 19. Design Hotel
Péter Janesch – "Shipping" quai development
Gábor Turányi - Kopaszi-rampart development
Gábor Zoboki - Palace of culture
János Vonnák – residence house
Zsófia Csoma – residence house
Antal Lázár – office building
Gábor Turányi – Spinach-house
Péter Molnár – „eternal”
Saturday 21st June 2008
Location: Training/audience rooms of Budapest CCI
10:00-12:00 Architecture or Publicity
Intellectual and cultural Orientation of architects,
decisions between Alternatives and Values,
Information of public about the taken decisions,
decisions forms, and Forums

Béla Kerékgyártó


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