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Budapesti Kereskadelmi és Iparkamara

Budapesti Kereskadelmi és IparkamaraThe most important task of our Chamber is: the improvement of entrepreneurial environment in competition for markets.

Our goal is to help the role players of economy by analyses, trends, studies, suggestions, authentical business contacts, legal- tax- and other consultations.

The longterm thinking respectable Chamber, on European level, rich in values is a compass in every stages of capital’s economic and social life. We participate in preparation of legal issues regarding economy, in creation of longterm enterprise development programs and in their realisation.

At the same time we take an important role in market access of companies of Central Economic Region and in development of conditions of entrepreneurial environment to EU-level.

Our activity is featured by transparency, truthworthyness and professionalism. BCCI is a trademark, guards and protects the ethic entrepreneurial behaviour.

Our activity is based on interest representation of economic role players. Each Section and Class based on different professions takes part in this work. The fields of trade, industry, services and handicraft are represented by wellknown experts who are the professional and intellectual forces of Chamber. A well skilled professional staff is always willing to serve entrepreneurs.


Chamber of Commerce and Industry
H- 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99
Tel: +36/1/488-2000

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